About Professor City LLC, and Erika Sanborne, its founder.

Erika Sanborne Professor City LLC

The legal story behind the business that is Professor City LLC

Professor City LLC formed in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., as a result of the so-called “shifting landscape” of teaching and learning at colleges and universities. As the need for higher ed consulting grew, Professor City LLC was formed so as to offer more substantial support to individuals and programs in need of guidance. Professor City LLC is a business entity registered in the State of Minnesota, and Erika Sanborne is the sole registered agent and organizer of Professor City LLC. We have no other funders, outside interests, influences, or investors. Professor City LLC is certified in MN as a veteran-owned business, if that matters to you or your employer.

When the project is primarily graphics or media-based, we contract under name of (“d.b.a.”) Erika Sanborne Media. The Erika Sanborne Media website (geterika.com) is the right point of contact for graphics and media projects. If your project is a combination of academic consulting and graphics work, Professor City LLC will be your sole contract partner.

Meet Erika Sanborne, The Educator

In classrooms since 2001, and still teaching today…

I should probably do this part by video, but I haven’t yet so here goes. I first taught high school math for so-called “at risk youth” in a large urban high school for eight years. I have taught at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell since 2004, in the Psychology Department, and as of the end of Spring 2022, I have taught exactly 102 classes there. For about a decade I taught a 4-4 course load, teaching two sections of Research-Statistics, and two sections of Community Psychology every spring and fall. I have won teaching awards and I am consistently highly-rated. Fun fact: Yes, I am the #1 rated faculty on rate my professors, among the 2000+ faculty rated at my university. I have a lot more to say about that but, for brevity in this space, let me say that all student course evaluations tend to be biased by both race and gender, and should thus not be given the weight that they are by our institutions. Alas, these things matter within academia in spite of the known inherent sexism and racism. (I welcome a conversation on the topic of course evals anytime – there is a lot to this!)

Who is Erika Sanborne
image description: Erika Sanborne, in a library, in front of rows of books

The testimonials on the website here and elsewhere (i.e. Trustpilot, Google) are also references. Basically, we all have our gifts, and I am a really good teacher, who enjoys elevating the teaching of others. This is among the most satisfying work I have ever done. A close second to actual teaching for me is helping other educators figure out how to do their best. I love this.

Erika Sanborne and Rachael Keefe
image description: Erika Sanborne (L) and Rachael Keefe (R) smiling on a cool fall vacation somewhere with water and boats

The Personal Story

I moved from New England to Minnesota in 2015 in support of the work of my amazing wife, the Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe, and you can learn more about her on her website. We’ve been married since December 2010. I know I’m my best me because of our relationship, and I love watching her thrive. For fun and necessity both, in 2021 we began converting a Chevy Express shuttle bus into a tiny home/RV, because Rachael has some health problems that mean we might never be able to travel or go on vacation ever again without an RV, so we literally have a bus in our driveway right now, which we are converting by ourselves. We have some small social media channels on which we share that project, if interested.

first day of school

I recently decided to go back to school myself, again, and in 2019 I even got the experience of being a “TA” for the first time! That was both fun and instructive. We need to support our junior faculty and doctoral students better than we do. I’m now “ABD” and here is more info on my research, if interested.

Mostly, I am grateful for my life and I love teaching and helping others figure out how to teach well also. Drop me a line if you want to connect. I’d love to know who read to the bottom of this page. Who are you? Where do you teach? What are you working on, dealing with, or thinking about? We closed the forums, but I still want to hear from you.

Other links to more of my work are on my web profile.

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  1. My name is Kelsi Watters. I am a chaplain associate at Legacy Health in Vancouver, WA. I was recently Board Certified and attended the APC Conference. I have been totally blind since birth. It would mean a great deal to connect, with chaplains and others within the disability community, both for mutual support and to learn to become a better advocate for disability justice, in addition to racial justice and anti-bias practices. Thank you for what you do.


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