Reviews of my Teaching

I will be adding some end-of-semester evaluations here from my teaching. Please standby. If you actually need them now (i.e. you are creeping my online profiles for a job search), please contact me – I have years of reviews and letters about my teaching to share.

Some Thoughts on Reviews of my Teaching and Testimonials re: Consulting

Look. I do not advertise, because 100% of my business comes in by referrals. I also have more requests for my time than I have time to say “yes” to those requests, which means I’m selective about the people and organziations I work with. My goal is always to maximize efficiency, and what I’m looking for is *fit* between us. Are we a good fit?

If you want me to work with you or your educators, please help me see how I’m a good fit for your people. I am not good at asking for reviews of my business, but this page is here for me to highlight some of them for the purpose of helping prospective clients and employers in ascertaining that fit. If, after considering me, you believe my time would be well spent working with you and/or your people, please be in touch. It would be helpful to me if you include in your intial message that you have considered this issue of fit already.