Professor City

A place for people who care about students, social justice, and teaching really well.

Wait. What is Professor City now?

Professor City is primarily a high ed consulting firm, available for one-on-one and occasional team consultation and training, with an emphasis on supporting newer faculty with regular mentoring to augment in-house supports. Our first meeting is always free – no catch. We have some availability for immediate support. Contact us to inquire about consulting to see whether we’d be a good fit.

Professor City is a network for educators, because some of us grew tired of the big sites not respecting our privacy. We took the forums offline (read the explanation) but the community continues.

Professor City is also a teaching blog (check out the Professor City Blog) and we are open to guest bloggers. Scholars from minoritized groups are especially welcomed to apply to write a blog post.

Who is Erika Sanborne
A woman with short hair and a blue dress shirt is standing in a library, with rows of books
Professor Erika Sanborne UML UMN School Spirit
Erika Sanborne is posing in a school spirit pic with a university mascot at UMN