Professor City is a place for people who care about students, social justice, and teaching really well.

Wait. What is Professor City?

Professor City is a network for educators, because some of us grew tired of the big sites not respecting our privacy. We tried to host forums for adjunct faculty, veteran faculty, high school teachers, administrators, and others who care about students, social justice, and teaching really well but have decided for now to take the forums down. Here is the explanation. Professor City is also a teaching blog, and we are open to considering guest bloggers. Scholars from minoritized groups are especially welcomed to apply. Professor City is primarily a high ed consulting firm, available for one-on-one and team consultation and training, with an emphasis on supporting newer faculty and offering an off-site mentoring option. Professor City LLC is organized in the State of Minnesota but works with clients all over the world.

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Meet Erika Sanborne
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