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Who is Erika Sanborne
A woman with short hair and a blue dress shirt is standing in a library, with rows of books
Professor Erika Sanborne UML UMN School Spirit
Erika Sanborne is posing in a school spirit pic with a university mascot at UMN
What Clients Say


I have used Erika’s academic consulting services at various times, and have always been extremely pleased with her work. She assisted me in creating several new assignments and in-class activities for Introduction to Sociology—all went over very well with students. I particularly appreciate her ability to make the point of material clear and relevant.

She was an excellent resource when I abruptly had to transition from in-class teaching to online teaching in the Spring of 2020. I was getting conflicting advice from different sources about whether to do synchronous or asynchronous instruction. Erika walked me through the considerations and made recommendations for each of my classes. She also gave me tips, such as how to make eye contact with students in online lectures, that never would have occurred to me. Thanks to Erika, the transition to online learning went smoothly, and I got very positive comments about my classes from students at the end of the semester.

Elizabeth Heger-Boyle

Professor of Sociology, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

I first met Erika several years ago, when she taught in the same department as my wife. I have come to know Erika as a thoughtful teacher and a resource that people turn to with questions when something unanticipated arises in the process of instruction or curriculum design.

She is friendly and smart, and I plan to lean on her expertise as needed in the future when I encounter something in my teaching for which I am not fully up to date.

Juan Bascuñan

Assistant Director
Magnet Technology Division
Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Erika is a resource for anyone seeking to improve their teaching. I consulted with Erika in advance of my job talk teaching demo, specifically to review my lesson plan and classroom activities for the teaching talk and demonstration. My time was well spent. Erika helped me figure out what I wanted to accomplish in the class and how to practically implement the lesson in a way that would keep the students engaged. I went in feeling more confident and prepared, and I got the job offer which I accepted! I have also subsequently enjoyed working with Erika in thinking through how to teach statistics for undergrads. She is a huge help!

Amy August

Assistant Professor of Sociology,
Assistant Director of the Institute for the Study of Sport, Society, and Social Change,

San José State University, California

I was thrilled to have Erika’s assistance and insights as I overhauled our curriculum. Our founding director knew of Erika’s expertise in bringing online learning to life, and highly recommended Erika. Erika was instrumental in taking existing content and transforming it into an interactive, online experience for participants. Erika’s knowledge of teaching and small group dynamics in general was incredibly helpful to strategizing our plans for a successful fall startup.

In particular, I appreciated Erika’s eye for considering the well-being of our participants. Her unique lens, coupled with her vast knowledge of pedagogy and practical ideas for how to generate specific types of in-class interactions, made for a very productive experience. She helped fill in the gaps in the curriculum as needed, but also helped me address sensitive areas where I had concerns. Her insights helped me feel confident that my preparation was solid. I highly recommend Erika as an academic consultant, and I will seek her out again as needed in the future.

Kate Schaefers

Executive Director,
University of Minnesota
Advanced Careers Initiative
Life Course Center

I cannot adequately explain how helpful Erika is in both helping me prepare courses in advance and offering support in moments of crisis. As a new PhD Candidate, the task of teaching abroad in West Africa was daunting. But Erika has put me at ease as she helps me address new unforeseen challenges as they emerge; for example, addressing a culture of cheating and learning to teach without technology. I appreciate not only how she explains potential avenues and steps forward but the explanations she offers behind these solutions.

Perhaps most importantly though, I appreciate how she encourages me not to look at teaching mishaps as failures; rather she empowers me to turn challenges into successes. I highly recommend Erika to new and seasoned instructors alike.

Jillian LaBranche

Instructor, University of Sierra Leone

Erika’s support for my teaching is invaluable. I am a new adjunct faculty at the graduate level and Erika’s years of teaching experience are evident. She has offered guidance in course planning, suggestions for healthy classroom management, and constructive support for challenging situations.

This is my third semester teaching and I will continue to turn to Erika for on-going support. I think any instructor – new or experienced – could benefit from Erika’s expertise and insights.

Rachael Keefe

Adjunct Faculty, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities