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anti-racism, engaged learning, support

Disability Justice in Education and Healthcare

Social model of disability, identify-first language, disability justice framework, solidarity against ableism


how to edit the separator of multiple citations

Wondering how to change the EndNote separator from comma to semicolon? I’ve got you.

pedagogy, technology

Yes, students can edit Word meta data last saved date

I can easily edit a Word doc’s “last saved” date, and so can your students.


Where did the groups and forums go?

I absolutely loved the social network we tried to grow here, and I wanted it to stay, but we took it down and here’s why.


Slow your roll, Epstein. Dr. Biden is on another level, kiddo.

I don’t want to link to that WSJ op-ed from …


Dear Students, Please Never Write Like This

Are you a student who wants to write better academic papers in order to get the best grades?
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