Has someone joined your personal meeting room? Want to stop the Zoom emails about it?

You have set up your Zoom meetings, your students know how to reach you (you hope) and everything is in your calendar (presumably) and then realize – dang, you are getting an email every single time anyone clicks on a Zoom link that you have created. The email says something like, “Hi! Somebody has joined your personal meeting room! Start meeting! Thank you for choosing Zoom! Hearts, The Zoom Team”

Wanna make those emails stop? You can turn off the Zoom notification emails in your account settings. Log in to your Zoom account. Go into Settings. Choose email notifications. Toggle OFF the setting about “notify host when participants join the meeting before them” and… boom! You won’t get these emails anymore.

do not notify host when participants join zoom meeting before them

Other fixes include disabling “join before host” although there are reasons to keep that open. Also, there are reasons to keep the emails coming from when someone has joined your personal meeting room in Zoom – i.e., you don’t want to be glued to Zoom for your office hours, but can jump right in when you get that email, right? So, choose what is best for you, but I learned today on social media that a ton of folks did not know how to make these emails stop, so I thought it was worth posting about the fix. 🙂


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Erika is an award-winning, long-time educator, who consults with individual faculty and administrators on how to meet their teaching goals. She is now also a population health researcher and sociology PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota, which means for now, she is a senior adjunct professor, a consultant, a research assistant, and a PhD Candidate, all at the same time. This has enhanced her understanding of the teaching and learning issues we're facing in academia today on all fronts.

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