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We Are All In This Together, Right?

Not all Americans are able to see the racial inequalities that have been unmasked.


What is the most important thing for college students to learn?

If I could leave my students with only one thing, it would be learning how to see themselves as their biggest fan sees them…


Is she really the only middle-aged PhD student out there?

Calling all interested middle-aged PhD students (and middle-aged new PhDs) to join our new social networking group. Welcome!


Has someone joined your personal meeting room? Want to stop the Zoom emails about it?

Wanna make those emails stop? You can turn off the Zoom notification emails in your account settings…

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How do you welcome students in the midst of longterm crisis?

I chose to “hire some cartoons” to be my fall semester TAs, and the three of us made a welcome video for our fall semester students…


How can you give your students a decent semester, no matter what hits the fan?

First, we need to foster a sense of community in our classrooms. Second, we need to understand that nobody is doing great right now. Lastly, we need to accept that our best is good enough, and let go of the frustration that would normally ensue for us not functioning at our best…